Trinity Laban
Brief: Redesign the logo to express the full name of the institution, with as minimal disruption as possible to the new brand designed by Johnson Banks.

Solution: Using the existing typeface, I created a minimalist logotype which allows the imagery take the focus and it performs as a subtle signature.

Brief: Design visual identity for a social media app and website for hobbyists to share the things they are passionate about with similar people.

Solution: Reversed lower case 'e' is meeting and chatting to the other 'e'. The circle around them represents literally a circle of friends, a group of interest. I also wrote the slogan 'love to share', here applied on the reverse of the business card.

Brief: Design a logo for a new online-based company distributing up-market camping equipment. Move away from the usual 'earthy' and environmental aesthetic, stand out from the competition. Use strong type, a lot of white space, minimal, more feminine than typical logo of the competition.

Solution: 'Entrance to the magic tent' is a visual metaphor of a bit different, more glamorous way of camping. The full Corporate Identity is currently developed.

Brief: Design visual identity for an individual business: artist and interior designer. The main challenge was to preserve the middle initial T.

Solution: The grid of circles provide the placeholder for the name. The middle T is indicated by different colour which also hints a quirk, something unusual in a tidy system. The grid is inspired by a back of a wall tile – reference to interior design.

Brief: Encourage gay and lesbian electorate to vote in 2010 General Election. Client: Stonewall

Solution: Logo was originally designed as an element on the postcard (see Publications/Awarded/Stonewall). The client decided use it in all their promotional materials in the 2010 Use your vote! campaign.

Brief: Design a dynamic, bold logo for a new theatre company

Solution: The symbol of the untamed horse represents unleashed energy and power of the new theatre company which is about new experimental theatre practice and produces entertaining shows full of energy and life. Poplar font and the choice of red colour represent 'revolutionary', brave character of the company.



business card: front


competition winner
: competition winner

in progress 


Theatre company